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At Alessandra Floors, we offer quick and easy installation of vinyl floors.  Vinyl flooring is incredibly beautiful and we install it at an affordable rate.  If you are thinking of installing a new vinyl floor in your home, then Alessandra Floors should be your first stop to achieving this goal!  We work with you to find the best style vinyl flooring that suits your home and since vinyl flooring is so popular, it offers many possibilities with different styles, colors and brands.  Call us today to schedule an appointment regarding your new vinyl flooring project for your home!


Here is a little information about vinyl flooring. It comes in three formats.  Vinyl tiles are useful for smaller rooms and they attach in any pattern you desire. Vinyl sheets are more ideal for large rooms and they can be cut to the dimensions of your floor for a seamless look.  Vinyl planks are suited for larger rooms and can look like a single board or recreate the look of multiple smaller boards.  Whichever size room you need vinyl flooring for, you can put your trust with Alessandra Floors to get the job done, right!


Tony and the Alessandra Floors team is a fully licensed and insured flooring company.  With many years of experience under its belt, Alessandra Floors is the company to trust with your next vinyl flooring project.  The level of expertise and professionalism is what keeps Alessandra Floors going, along with all the smiles from our happy clients.  We look forward to hearing from you regarding your next vinyl flooring project in your home, so give us a ring and we’ll be contact shortly!